A Brief History in Pie

The Bashful Tarte began as Sorelle Pie Bakery of Kansas City in 2011. I opened my pie bakery as a dream venture, but my family relocated to my husband's family home here on Cape Cod and... Voila! The Bashful Tarte was formed. However, it really all originated with my grandmothers and my mother; Virginia, Helen, and Karen. My mother's mother, Virginia, taught my mother how to make an excellent piecrust and Helen, my father's mother raised my father to be a pie connoisseur. Of course my mother, Karen, is well-known by friends and family as a pie-maker (That's Mom and me above!) In turn, my mother taught my sister and I the art of pie making. The bond I have felt to these women who helped to forge my strength and sense of family has been the inspiration and care, which is poured into each dessert I make. And now I am passing down that tradition to my own daughters. And now I have expanded this love for baking into so many other desserts. So, whether you are yearning for tradition with a slice of comforting Apple Pie or craving adventure with a taste of some Black Bottom Chocolate Stout Cream Pie, you are experiencing a family tradition of excellence! Please enjoy and share with those you love!

Pie Lingo:

Chess Pie: If you have never tried Chess Pie before, a little history lesson. It is believed Chess Pie is somehow derived from “Cheese Pie”, largely due to its consistency. It is a bit chewy and let me say- DELICIOUS! If you’ve ever had a warm Krispy Kreme doughnut- that’s the flavor! You know what I’m talking about…When the “Hot Doughnuts” sign is lit and you can have a warm, soft, wonderful original! Oh- you know!

Lemon Chess Pie: More of the prior, but lemony!

Lavender Lemonade: In New Orleans there is a lovely Summery beverage that infuses lemonade with lavender. It’s beautiful and thirst-quenching on hot summer days, but in a pie it is heaven on a fork! Light and airy, this pie will make you think of warm breezes and cool lemonade all year-round.

Black Bottom Peanut Butter Pie: Decadent. Dark chocolate ganache, fluffy peanut butter mousse and toasted marshmallow…if you have a peanut butter lover in your life then you need to acquaint yourself with this pie. Immediately.

Chai Spice Cream Pie: I am a lover of all things Fall. I wait all year for Fall. I love pumpkins and falling leaves, the outside chill and smell of chimney smoke. Chai tea feels awfully Autumn to me and what better way to indulge than in this spicy, creamy luxury laced with vanilla, cardamom and nutmeg. See- it even sounds like Fall!

Black Bottom Chocolate Stout: For all of you dark and thick stout beer drinkers of the world, here is a pie worthy of your time. A layer of dark chocolate ganache followed by dark chocolate cream filling infused with a stout beer reduction and homemade mint whipping cream. St. Patty move over! This is a March 17th favorite!!!

Banoffee: I had heard about this pie off and on for some time. Honestly, I thought it must be coffee and banana flavored. I was terribly mistaken! It is TOFFEE and banana! And just to give this an extra kick, the bananas are caramelized with Brandy. So let me see…Dulce de Leche, caramelized bananas with brandy, homemade whipped cream and toffee bits...Yes, please!

Vanilla Bourbon Pumpkin: Even f you have never been a fan of pumpkin, this is no ordinary pumpkin pie. Think of pumpkin pie's older, more sophisticated sister...The layers of flavors are subtle and beautiful. It’s creamy and rich- serve it with coffee ice cream or even butter pecan!

Bourbon Pecan Pie: Pecan Pie, only taken to the next level! Heavy on the vanilla. Heavy on the Bourbon. They aren’t called “Tipsy Pies” for nothing!

Derby Day Pie: An original recipe created especially for the one and only Kentucky Derby! Think of sipping Mint Juleps on the porch and wearing an amazing hat. This pie is a cousin to the Bourbon Pecan Pie, but add hazelnuts and dark chocolate. Rich and beautiful.

Cranberry Cream: For a new twist on your holiday pie, the Cranberry Cream is sure to win many compliments! Sweetened cream cheese and a layer of cranberry compote- tart and sweet!

Cherry Bourbon Pie: I’m not sure if you’ve noticed a theme, but I adore Bourbon. It’s complex, dark flavors and how it warms you as you sip it. Bourbon paired with cherries is a no-brainer. It’s classic and mellow- sweet and heavy with a little kick at the end.

Gingersnap Pumpkin: The classic only with a spicy crust to hug it!

Nantucket Cranberry Pie: Yes, it is like a cake, but it is a lovely end to any meal. For a Holiday ending or otherwise. Tart, tangy, juicy cranberries sweetened with a cake-like topping and extra sugar for crunch!

Why Us?

These desserts are created by me. They are not anything you will find at your local grocery store! And why not leave it to an expert? Make your life less stressful and your holiday or event more enjoyable.